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Harvesting our broad bean crop-July 2018

Unveiling of the KS1 caterpillar garden.

Two weeks later.

Garden Update June 2018

The firemen came to visit Year 2

Busy, sketching a plan of the school playground.

Finding the properties of 2D shapes.

Another Science Investigation - Bleeding Blossoms

Getting our hands dirty planting different species of trees donated by the Woodlands Trust.

Science Investigation - Which material will make the best 'astronappy' for Bob, the astronaut?

Exploring a range of books and making collages in our RE lesson.

Busy making Advent wreath pop up cards to show in our R.E. assembly next week.

This week, in Science Week, we have been learning about the basic needs of animals, including humans.  We talked about how all animals need air, water and food to survive and also somewhere to shelter.  As part of this topic, we conducted a class pet survey, created a tally chart and then used this data to make a pictogram displaying our results.

Creating our own Year 2 Pet Pictograms using the data from our Pet Survey Tally Charts.

Another Science Investigation

During Science Week, on a beautiful, sunny and frosty November morning, the boys and girls visited the pond to carry out another investigation.  Their task: to explore the local environment, collecting/observing things that are either dead, alive or have never been dead or alive.  The children collected items and brought them back into the classroom where they classified the objects by grouping.  Later on, they recorded their findings in a table.

A very big THANK YOU to the Beavers and their families who tidied the pond area during the half term holiday.  Lending a helping hand will help the children gain one of their Beaver Challenge badges. 

More Science!

Today we conducted an investigation. We wanted to find out if children move faster when they get older. So, we chose some children to help us find the answer to our question. We chose 4 children from Reception, 4 from Year 2 and 4 children from Year 5. Each child had to run a set distance across the school playground, all beginning at the same starting point and ending at the blue fence. The Year 2 children used the stopwatches on the iPads to time how long it took the children to run the distance. They jotted down the results and later inserted these into a table so that they could analyse the results.

Can you make a prediction about what happened?

After analysing the results, I posed the question: what do you think the results would show if we included teenagers or grandmas and grandads in our experiment?

Question - do children move faster the older they get? We conducted an investigation to find out the answer to our question.

Science Week November 2017


We began Science Week  by working cooperatively with others, in small groups, and making choices.  We matched parent animals to their offspring then chose the corresponding labels for each image. 

Enjoying a sports session at Brownedge St. Mary's - October 2017

Our visit to Chorley library - October 2017. Browsing at the book fair.

Using our leaf printing blocks to print rotating patterns.

Some of the children's Baptism gifts on display in the classroom.

Some of the children's Baptism gifts on display in the classroom. 1

Hunting for treasure using the language of position, direction and rotation.

Pricking leaf patterns onto our printing blocks.

Creating story maps for The Jolly Postman

The Place Where I Live - using maps and aerial photographs to compare Clayton Green past and present.

Our first day back at school in September. Enjoying a spot of gardening.