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Understanding the World

We had some left over pumpkins so after reading ‘Where the wild things are’ we decided to make some boats. The children worked in teams to make their boats and predicted if they would float or sink. We then went to race them in the pond in the forest.  
It has been a very busy week in Reception. We have been exploring the insides of a pumpkin! First we thought about what colour it might be inside. Mavi thought “it might be green because has a green stalk”. We then thought about what might be inside Zulayka said “white seeds there is always white seeds inside”. 

Next we scooped out the insides. Grace noticed the “white slippery seeds” and Mavi noticed it was “sticky like slime!” Grace told us that she left her pumpkins in the woods for the animal to eat. We decided to use our pumpkins as feeders for the birds. 

During our first half term we have been for a walk around our school environment and met some important people. We have been preparing our outdoor area for spring. We have planted lots of spring bulbs and got on top of weeding. We have explored the weather, in particular the rain and the effects the rain has on our environment. We have also started our cooking sessions. We have weighed out different ingredients and mixed them together and observed the changes. 

Important people in our school community

Exploring mud!

Mixing ingredients and observing changes.