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Morning Club

Each class of children will have the opportunity to participate in our pre-school fundamental movement skills programme otherwise known as Morning Club.
The sessions are led either by Mrs Thompson or Mrs Nevis. They take place on Wednesdays and Thursday mornings from 8.15 a.m until 8.50 a.m, for five weeks. The sessions are fun activities designed to improve balance, co-ordination, spatial awareness as well as the obvious Health and Fitness benefits of increased exercise.
We understand that the session times may not be the most convenient. Due to limited supervision in the mornings it will not be possible for siblings to wait during the session. Children who are unable to participate will not miss out as the activities will be repeated in P.E. sessions.
Children currently attending these sessions are the brothers and sisters of the Year 4 class who set off early to Chorley swimming baths for their weekly swimming lessons.